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Circle Square - Manchester


About The Product

Bespoke Hardwood Clad Bench

Bespoke Corner Seat

Bespoke Podium Seating

Round Planter

Rectangular Planters - Raised Internal Base



About The Location

The Vita Student Living Project is a development of 716 City Centre student apartments close to Manchester Campuses and the City Centre. 

This multi storey apartment block will form part of a £750m mixed use complex, which occupies the site of the former BBC Headquarters.


The mixed-use complex will include 1.2m sq ft commercial office space, 100,000 sq ft retail and leisure space,  and a multi-storey car park.

As well as this, there will be a 250,000 sq ft beautifully designed public realm. As well as this, two hotels are to be constructed, an 150 bed hotel and a 150 bed boutique hotel.


Working With

Murraywood Construction

Planit-IE - Manchester


Pictures By

The Logic Team & Murraywood Construction