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Stane Park - Colchester


About The Product

Bespoke Hardwood Seating

Bespoke Hardwood Oval Podium Planters


About The Location

Stane Leisure Park the 5 acre, first phase of the scheme is a home to the Princes Charlotte pub, KFC, Starbucks and Nandos, consisting of a 12m investment.

The Retail Park part of the scheme, totalling some 15 acres, when completed, will provide an exciting line up of high quality retailers including B&Q, Aldi and M&S Food Hall to add to the existing retail offer in Stanway.

The Park will have excellent links to the A12 and part of the development will include a comprehensive range of improvements to the local highway network, also linking into existing cycle ways, public transport, and the adjoining housing at Wyvern Farm.