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Logic Street & Park Furniture are FSC 100%


What is FSC?
FSC is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Environmentally Appropriate, Socially Beneficial, and Economically Viable responsible forest management worldwide. Timber and paper based products are sourced from FSC Chain of Custody certified suppliers that are independently audited to ensure that materials purchased are traced back to well managed forests in accordance the rules of The Forest Stewardship Council and to help give assurances that the materials were harvested legally in the country of origin.

What does this mean to Logic Street & Park Furniture?
The certification re-enforces our environmental and ethical policy with the worldwide recognised body. By being FSC certified, Logic Street Furniture is demonstrating our commitment to improving standards and procedures.
What does it mean to the customer and end user?
End users can check on the FSC website to see our certification details, which outline the results of the recent Audit. From there, they can have confidence that any product which has the FSC logo adheres to the FSC requirements.


The 10 Principles

Ten rules for responsible forest management

The Ten FSC Principles require the forest owner or manager to do the following:

Principle 1:
Compliance with laws and FSC Principlesto comply with all laws, regulations, treaties, conventions and agreements, together with all FSC Principles and Criteria.

Principle 2:
Tenure and use rights and responsibilities – to define, document and legally establish long-term tenure and use rights.

Principle 3:
Indigenous peoples’ rights – to identify and uphold indigenous peoples’ rights of ownership and use of land and resources.

Principle 4:
Community relations and worker's rights – to maintain or enhance forest workers' and local communities’ social and economic well-being.

Principle 5:
Benefits from the forest – to maintain or enhance long term economic, social and environmental benefits from the forest.

Principle 6:
Environmental impact – to maintain or restore the ecosystem, its biodiversity, resources and landscapes.

Principle 7:
Management plan – to have a management plan, implemented, monitored and documented.

Principle 8:
Monitoring and assessment – to demonstrate progress towards management objectives.

Principle 9:
Maintenance of high conservation value forests – to maintain or enhance the attributes which define such forests.

Principle 10:
Plantations – to plan and manage plantations in accordance with FSC Principles and Criteria.


Types of Certification Available

The different types of certificates relate to the different origins of forest products, stages of production and subsequent progress of forest products through the value chain. Verification against all FSC requirements ensures that materials and products with the FSC label are from responsible sources.

Forest Management certification is awarded to forest managers or owners whose management practices meet the requirements of the FSC Principles and Criteria.

Chain of Custody certification applies to manufacturers, processors and traders of FSC certified forest products. It verifies FSC certified material and products along the production chain. 

Controlled Wood is designed to allow organizations to avoid the categories of wood considered unacceptable. FSC Controlled Wood can only be mixed with FSC certified wood in labelled FSC Mix products.


FSC Friday

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